Jar of Tips

Jar of Tips

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Contains: 60 Half Moon Resin Drip Tips in a Glass Jar

TFV8 Jar = 60 x TFV8 (810) Drip Tips

510 Jar = 60 x 510 Drip Tips

510 + TFV8 Jar = 30 x 510 Drip Tips + 30 x TFV8 (810) Drip Tips

Each jar contains 60 high quality Half Moon drip tips in assorted colors. 2 bags of 30 drip tips each come in each jar.

The wholesale cost is 50% less when buying this jar versus individual Half Moon drip tips.

These jars can be placed conveniently next to the cash register and are perfect for an add-on sale.

Drip Tips made by Half Moon in Massachusetts!